Not Shopping at Whole Foods (Tangled Up In Blue)


A parody of a song by Bob Dylan.  Recorded by mrlip in Springfield, VA
Recorded: 09/17/2015  Released: 09/17/2015  First aired: 09/18/2015
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John Welsh's "Yom Kippur Breakfast" was so good and up so fast that I almost stopped writing this one. But in the immortal words of Robert Berg "All jingles must be posted." So...

He was hungry when he first woke
Not to be coerced
Supposed to be fasting all day I guess
He coulda used a couple gulps of borscht
Not eating before temple today
No need for him to digest
He drove that car as fast as he could
From Jim Colemen, he’s the best

Then on came an offending ad
For Yom Kippur breakfast lox
I heard Tony say disgustedly
Don’t they got a guy named Katz
To do reviews?
Not shopping at Whole Foods

Yuppies buying 40 dollar pies
I heard they got free-range veal too
It may be all innuendo and lies
But Mr. Tony believes that its true
Not shopping at Whole Foods

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mrlip in Springfield, VA
Rob - this might have been in relation to the "Golden Bridge" story but ya know, I've kinda taken it to heart. See comment for this song :
671 days ago.
attaboy in ellicott city, md
Fantastic! To keep the Yom Kippur theme going I think this should be listed as a parody of a song by Robert Zimmerman...he's a nice Jewish boy after all.
672 days ago.
robert berg in Pittsburgh, PA
i don't think i said that. did i? but i AM glad that you DID post it.
672 days ago.
mrlip in Springfield, VA
Little known fact Jerry: "borscht" is a British colloquialism for "this is the only jingle Nigel could find in his inbox at 11:47 today." But I'll take it!
676 days ago.
Jerry in Annandale, VA
"borscht," making its second appearance in a jingle!?
676 days ago.
joeythejammer in Ellicott City, MD
676 days ago.
judofuse in Atlanta
Love the continuing saga of Whole Foods. Great job with Dylan.
677 days ago.
Brad Weiss in Williamsburg, VA
I got one of these coming, too. Who doesn't love letting loose like Mr. Zimmerman?! Nice.
677 days ago.