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  • released : 03/03/2016
    In a world with no parking but loads of chaputzvah... This episode marks the 2 year anniversary and one hundredth installment of the TK Jingles Prodcast. Featuring big announcements, fabulous guest stars, listener mail, schvitzing, questions and answers, fake ads, lots of talking - oh, and seven new songs! This is a big one!!!!

  • released : 06/30/2016
    A recap of TK Jingles LIVE 2016 EVEN LIVER! Starting with the seed that led to the event in the first place, a recap of how the setlist came together, the night before, the high drama of getting ready for the show that day amid the weasels and a quick recap of the performance itself. Featured in this episode are all of the bonus extended tracks we prepared just for the event!

  • released : 08/18/2016
    Featuring nominees and winners for Collaboration of the Year, Performance of the Year, Larry King-Related Song of the Year, Song of the Year, and Barry White Impression of the Year, this episode will answer all your questions as to who the best singers, writers, and prodcasters are.

  • released : 01/07/2016
    An all clips episode capturing some of the signature moment of 2015 from TK's show and tkjingles.com. Featuring Chaputzvah, Subway sandwiches, Gretchen Wu, bocce balls, TK Jingles LIVE, Tony's appearance on the prodcast and much, much, more! This episode was made possible thanks to contributions by Byron Cotter, Robert Berg, Jason Fuse, Joe Aro, Brad Weiss, Steve Lipton, John Neiswinger, and Luke Overbey!

  • released : 08/20/2015
    If nothing else, one thing you can say after listening to this episode is that Tony Kornheiser "did some time." A truly special moment in the history of this prodcast and an oddly meta crossover moment that will be treasured by the 6.5 listeners of the program. Featuring some amazing just-in-time material by rob, Jason Fuse, John Fitzpatrick and Brad Weiss followed by a mega segment of Tony-specific jingles starring Kj, John, and more! All that plus THE MAILBAG!

  • released : 12/31/2015
    A star-studded spectacular counting down the 25 most wanted songs as subjectively selected by the host of this prodcast, presented by our good friends at TanDuel, Illegal Seafood, and our newest sponsor, Horse Clips!!! This episode features classic 2015 jingles like Balding Jordan Spieth, Wilbon's World, Bocce Balls, Trotz, Trotz, Trotz, Big Rock Cocaine Planet, Better by (John) Beck and more!!! In retrospect, this episode features a surprising amount of content about the Capitals given their limited play on the actual show.

  • released : 03/26/2014
    A brief history of the Tony Kornheiser mailbag jingles for folks new to the show or who just want to take a trip down memory lane. Featuring the original jingles by Gary and Darius, a recap of some of the early mailbag covers, the infamous McCartney Ticket Contest, and some of the early Summer 2013 jingles including the #1 most downloaded jingle, We Didn't Start the Fire (Extended Edition)!

  • released : 07/28/2014
    Jerry welcomes Gary Braun to the virtual studio for a chat about the history of the jingle, Gary's time on the show, and a few questions submitted by the Littles. As if that wasn't enough, we have great new songs by Kj, John Fitzpatrick, Patrick Moffett, Joe Aro, and Brendon Steenbergen along with a recap of 31-in-31, a preview of next week's tunes, some bonus material, and the mailbag!

  • released : 08/05/2015
    NBC4 meteorologist Chuck Bell drops by the virtual Prodcast studio for a conversation about weather, jargon, ear muffs in convertibles, and the special hot air in a certain part of DC that makes it so hard to predict the weather in the 20015. Featuring new material from Joe Aro, Bill Barto, Robert Berg and Jason Fuse along with new parodies of U2, Garth Brooks, Oasis, and many more!

  • released : 09/01/2014
    This episode features ALL TWENTY-SIX jingles Jerry wrote, demoed, and recorded in the Summer of 2013. Collectively, those tunes led directly to the creation of tkjingles.com and the non-stop silliness that has ensued in the year or so since. Featuring alternate takes of Yellow and American Pie along with outtakes like "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely," "Silhouettes," and "Theme From New York, New York." This is basically a "Behind the Music" episode so if you're into the jingles and want to know more about the process, this episode's for you!

  • released : 09/22/2014
    Featuring a chat with ESPN 980's Kevin Sheehan, TK Trivia ("What's the deal with Newschannel 8?") featuring Mike in Burke, and a slew of great new jingles. Featured songs include an extended Reggae mailbag and new music from Kj, Joe, Patrick, John. Mix in a mailbag, some Sheehan-inspired tunes, and some dreadful 877 jingles and you have one heck of an episode!

  • released : 11/24/2014
    John Feinstein joins the program to discuss his pants size, TK's proclivity for yelling "Do You Know Who I Am?", and the Wooden Story. This episode features a few special requests for John (Billy Joel, A Chorus Line) along with a few songs about Triscuits, the Redskins, the podcast delay and the mailbag! Oh, and we might hear that one Leonard Cohen song about 14 times.

  • released : 12/22/2014
    In this special retrospective episode, Jerry counts down the top 20 jingles of 2014. This episode includes classic jingles about cooking chickens, shopping at the grocery store and James Carville's acknowledged bad-assery.

  • released : 05/26/2014
    Continuing the history of the Tony Kornheiser mailbag jingles for folks new to the show or who just want to take a trip down memory lane. Starting with the American Pie jingle, recounting some of the significant "Firsts," and ending with a collection of some of Jerry's favorites from early on.

  • released : 08/18/2014
    This week, "the Goddess" of the Tony Kornheiser Show, Ms. Courtney *****, joins Jerry for a chat about how she first got connected with Tony's show, her career apart from the one we all know about, and the upcoming NFL season. To keep up with the Joneses, Jerry also tells his very own "Mohr Story," plays some great new jingles and features a selection of CUSTOM jingles that he wrote for a few Littles who backed the Kickstarter. All that, plus the mailbag!

  • released : 05/27/2015
    An epic-ly long edition of the TK Jingles Prodcast that's worth listening to all the way through. Featuring NINE spectacular new jingles from the past two weeks, the debut of the TK Jingles Spinoff Prodcast hosted by Jason Fuse featuring an interview with Jerry Negrelli, a highlight of TK's favorite songs from the past week and a brand new mailbag. It's the best episode yet to be released on a Wednesday in May 2015.

  • released : 03/09/2015
    Featuring a guest segment by Kj Ohnstad, the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY episode of the TK Jingles Podcast features 8 great new jingles, reflection on some of Kjerstin's favorite moments, some highlights from the week and a new Sam Cooke tune. Add in a mailbag and some throwaway pop music about shellfish and you've got one heck of a show!