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Jingle/Song Original Artist Actions
Signs Five Man Electrical Band
That's the Sound of Choking Dogs Sam Cooke
Hey Joe (Hadeed) The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Born To Run (Your Team) Bruce Springsteen
Michelle The Beatles
Come On, Man (What Are We Doing Out There, Man?) David Bowie
He's Darrell Landon Neil Diamond
At the Palm Danny and the Juniors
Hey Hey He's a Monkey The Monkees
Aren't You Really a Republican? Joe Jackson
Rock the Red The Clash
Purple Line Toto
My Kid The Temptations
200 Dollars (The Andy Polley Song) The Proclaimers
Aldridge and the NBA The Kingston Trio
Rockville Pike "Penny Lane" by The Beatles
Better by (John) Beck Beck ("Loser")