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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Jingle/Song Original Artist Actions
A Fistful of Emails Enno Morricone
Don Kornheiser ("The Grandfather") Nino Rota
Stay Classy Oreo James Chadwick
La Cheeserei !!! none
Something...(for Ed Sheeran) George Harrison
Be a Little ! - Dr. Tony 70s Era TV commercial jingle Dr Pepper
I Have a Piano Live ! Tony Beeson
Warning ! Warning ! PSA
Hello Ovie ! Carol Channing
Pomp and Circumstance, Y'all Sir Edward Elgar
(Not) Leaving on a Jet Plane John Denver
Is it too much to Ask ?
The Old People's Uniform List
The International Counting Song
There used to be a College Football Hall of Fame and Museum with an Associated High School Football Field Right Here Frank Sinatra - There used to be a Ballpark
I have an Announcement
Ode to Gus Bradley Simon and Garfunkel
I have a Piano Tony Beeson