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Jingle/Song Original Artist Actions
Flying Shirts, Talismans & Amulets (Feat. Joe Aro) The Reflections
99-percenterville (Feat. Joe Aro) Jimmy Buffet
Blue Apron (Feat. Joe Aro) Bobby Vinton
Hit the Road Chuck (Feat. Joe Aro) Ray Charles
Penguin Dance (Feat. Robert Berg) Men Without Hats
Podcaster (Feat. Judofuse) Omi
Orchid-itis (Feat. Joe Aro) The Coasters
Isn't He Grumpy (Feat. Joe Aro) Stevie Wonder
Tony's A Sheep (Feat. KJ & Eva Cotter)
Are You From My High School (Feat. Joe Aro) Peter Frampton
Nigel's Bad Day (Feat. Joe Aro) Daniel Powter
Winter is the End (Feat. Judofuse) The Doors
Quiet Ride (Feat. Judofuse) Foghat
Socialite (Dynamite) Feat. Judofuse Taio Cruz
Compensation (Feat. John Fitzpatrick) The Rolling Stones
Finally Home From Rehoboth (Feat. Joe Aro) Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons
Alaskan Woman (Feat. Judofuse) Neil Diamond
When You Know Nothing At All (Feat. Joe Aro) Alison Krauss
Hulu Cabana (Feat. Larry King & Judofuse) Barry Manilow
Red Bocce Ball (Feat. Joe Aro) The Cyrkle
Clearance Rack (Feat. Joe Aro) Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs
Dear Mr. Popovich (Feat. John Fitzpatrick) Traffic
Jeff Ma - Here's a $50 (Feat. Joe Aro) Travis Tritt
I'm Mike Rizzo (Feat. KJ) Grease
Walk (More) Like a Man (Feat. Joe Aro) Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Hallelujah (The Redskins Season is Over) Feat. Yoni Rose
Free Swag Action (Satisfaction) - Feat. John Fitzpatrick & Mickey Salins The Rolling Stones
Triscuit Hanky Panky (Feat. Joe Aro) Tommy James & The Shondells
Mickey Mouse "Who is our QB?!?" (Feat. John Fitzpatrick, KJ, Brad Weiss and Patrick Moffet)
Celebs they Runaway (Feat. Joe Aro) Del Shannon
Caps got the Trotz! (feat. KJ)
Refugee Safeway (feat. John Fitzpatrick) Paul Revere and the Raiders
50 Ways to Boil an Egg (Feat. Joe Aro) Paul Simon
Space Oddity David Bowie
Take Him Out of the Ball Game (Feat. John Fitzpatrick)
He's Backed Up for Miles (Feat. Brad Weiss) The Who
What's Facts Got to do With It? (Feat. Joe Aro) Tina Turner
Chad Won't Call Back (Feat. Brad Weiss) The Beatles
Jinglin' Blues (Feat. Joe Aro) Johnny Cash
Kornheiser (Goldfinger) - Feat Kj Shirley Bassey
That's Kornheiser! (That's Amore - Feat. Brad Weiss) Dean Martin
Mighty Wind (Feat. Joe Aro) Frank Sinatra
Parenthetical (Unforgettable) - Feat. KJ Nat Cole
Hurt of the Mailbag (Feat. John Welsh) Johnny Cash
I'm on Fire (pit) Bruce Springsteen
Korn on the Bayou Creedence Clearwater Revival
50 Ways to Get on Mailbag Paul Simon
Winter Weather Man
Nigel Why! (The Boxer) Simon & Garfunkel
The Wreck of the Kornheiser Mailbag Gordon Lightfoot