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3DP Naughty by Nature
Dating Wendy Rieger Implies Kim Carnes
Another Gary's Mailbag Cover Gary Braun
It's Probably Snowing Somewhere
Pony (Ginuwine) Ginuwine
Gary's Mailbag a cappella cover Gary Braun
Old So Old (Home Sweet Home) Motley Crue
Undisclosed Location (Patience) Guns n Roses
This is the Title of the Jingle Me I Guess
On My Podcast Dial (Almost Paradise) - Ft Jason Fuse Mike Reno and Ann Wilson
Dairy Queen (Dancing Queen) ABBA
Someone Sponsor My Podcast (Acoustic) Israel Kamakawiwo?ole
Doe Dropped Her Fawns on Me The Gap Band
Counting Out My Back Door Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cult of Mr Anthony (Cult of Personality) Living Colour
Le Cheese (Le Freak) Chic
Satch Keeps Track Public Enemy and AC/DC
Wine by the Bottle Jim Croce
At Braun Film (Girls on Film) Duran Duran
Choking is the Caps Move Brownsville Station
What a Shot (What I Got) Sublime
Charcoal Son (Black Hole Sun) Soundgarden
Washington Post (Whipping Post) The Allman Brothers
iSledgehammer Peter Gabriel
Sheep (Creep) radiohead
She Watched the Wind Patrick Swayze
Hard to Travel with Me Man (Travelin' Band) Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cook That Pho in a Shovel Johnny Paycheck
Snow Shovel Anthem (Party Rock Anthem) LMFAO
Howard the Intergalactic Fineman Peter, Paul & Mary
People Get Ready Jeff Beck and Joss Stone
The Freshmen The Verve Pipe
Intergalactic Howard Fineman (Folk Era) Jason Fuse
Big Empty Stone Temple Pilots
The Choker (Acoustic) Steve Miller Band
The Greatest Moment (This Magic Moment) Jay and the Americans
While Gretchen Wu Gently Weeps The Beatles
Mr Tony's Email Bag Paul Williams
Bonum Diem Natalis Jesu Jose Feliciano
Mr. Greenberg Simon and Garfunkel
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Ft. Kjulie Andrews Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke
The Ballad of Charlie and Gretchen - Pt. 1 The Rolling Stones
Steve Wrote One For Me (Seven Nation Army) The White Stripes
Orange (Black) Pearl Jam
76 (Simply the Best) Tina Turner
Bradweiss The Sound of Music
Come On Littles (Go Down Moses) paul robeson
Red Meat (Red House) The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Blinded by Pyrite Bruce Springsteen
Venus Frankie Avalon
Tony's Impossible Lunch (The Impossible Dream) Man of La Mancha
Stonehenge Spinal Tap
It's a Clown Show Bro Ray Charles
The Ballad of Ann Hornaday Bill Withers
He's Not 36 Pants Size Kim Carnes
Cillizza Loves Starship Nicki Minaj
Time (wasted) Pink Floyd
We Built Bagel City Starship
Red Wedding Billy Idol
Summer in the S#%*ty Lovin' Spoonful
I Want My Tony Back Chilis Bar and Grill I guess
Back to Yack AC/DC
QB Concussion School House Rock
Tony Called In (London Calling) The Clash
Roundabout (Acoustic) Yes
Loyal (Cover Version) Lorde
The Chuck Bell Way (Beautiful Day) U2
Sweet Cillizza (Melissa) The Allman Brothers
In the Air Tonight Phil Collins
Frito Lay - Part 1 (allegedly) Ozzy Osbourne
99 Dollars (99 Problems) Jay-Z
I'm Gonna Eat a Dorito (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida) Iron Butterfly
Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You Colin Hay
Jingles Live (Long Train Running) Doobie Bros
The Rambler (2015) Kenny Rogers
Losing All Your Hair - Unplugged... Bon Jovi
Florida Van Morrison
The Presidents Club Anonymous
Phelps Prince (A Nigel Song) Will Smith
A-a-ron... ron The Crystals
Sticker (Picture) - Ft. Kj Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow
While My Guitar Gently Weeps The Beatles
50 Ways to Hallelujah Leonard Cohen
Hot Dog Seller (Hotstepper) Ini Kamoze
Going for Ice Cream (Cake) Cake
Cillizza Star (Shooting Star) Bad Company
Who I Am (Ft. Brad Weiss) The Who
Fame Irene Cara
Transformational hasbro
4th of July, Asbury Park (Windy) Bruce Springsteen
Skinmilk Harry Nilsson
Les Boulez (Lady Marmalade) - Ft. Kj Labelle
The Seats of Chris Cillizza Bruce Springsteen
Arm Your Children Well Crosby Stills &Nash
Intergalactic Howard Fineman Beastie Boys
Tony Be Good (Johnny B Goode) Chuck Berry
Under Armour Brian Hyland
My Bocce's Back (Alternate Universe Remix)
Just Go Away Dobie Gray
Cut Him Loose (Footloose) Kenny Loggins
Capitol Dome (Danger Zone) Kenny Loggins
Geno Love (Jungle Love) Morris Day and the Time
Me Me Me Me (Mmm Mmm...) Crash Test Dummies
Losing All Your Hair (Living on a Prayer) Bon Jovi
Tootsie Rolls and Area Codes Ludacris and Nate Dogg
That Song (Lucille) Kenny Rogers
Put the Rings on Us (Ft. KJ) Beyonce
Going Down (Ft. John Neiswinger) Freddie King
Choking Dogs (Crosby Stills &Nash) Crosby Stills &Nash
Hard to Say Goodbye to the Podcast Delay (Boys II Men) Boyz II Men
Silver's Alive? (Silver Lining) Rilo Kiley
Bracketology (Choppin' Broccoli) Dana Carvey
Dudes of Hazardous Waylon Jennings
Gone (Jay Bilas Rejected) Phillip Phillips
SMH SMH (Nonsense to Me) Roger Miller
Keaven Bryan Adams
The Wind Sighs Gary The Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Wind Sighs Gary (Acoustic) The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Fritos (Freedom) Richie Havens
Triscuits: Sage, Cranberry and Thyme Simon and Garfunkel
Stars (Wilbon's Story) Les Miserables
Gary Has a Twitter Handle (Mary Had a Little Lamb) Buddy Guy / SRV
Plush (Acoustic Ode to Verizon) Stone Temple Pilots
Gruden, DUDE! (Scooby Doo Theme) Scooby Doo Theme
Oranger Kanye West
C.A.D - Yeah You Know Sheehan Naughty by Nature
By the Time I Get to Phoenix Glenn Campbell
Am I Cut From The Americans? Neil Diamond
What if Hippos Could Box Alice in Chains
Derrick Rose is Out Again Poison
The Rambler Kenny Rogers
Under the Bus (That Wrecked) Red Hot Chili Peppers
Liz's Gloves Van Morrison - Crazy Love