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Elderly Man Doing a Podcast From...(Pearl Jam) Pearl Jam
The Future (Leonard Cohen) Leonard Cohen
Try Nigel Try (Beatles Cry Baby Cry) The Beatles
Old Crow TK Show (Wagon Wheel) Old Crow Medicine Show
I Hear the Cajun Coming (Roast Verse) Johnny Cash
Kip Sheeman (Donovan, Colours) Donovan
The Orchid on the Mound II (Featuring John Neiswinger and Jason Fuse) Ben Folds Five
Incoherent State (Comfortably Numb) Pink Floyd
Dr. Ruben (The Beatles) The Beatles
Well Respected Former Writer (Featuring Jason Fuse) The Kinks
Things to do in Florida when you're dead (Featuring Jason Fuse and John Neiswinger) Warren Zevon
Throw it in the Wind (Bob Dylan) Bob Dylan
A Few of Us in the Bullpen (The Beatles) The Beatles
Summer Song (The Elected ft. Kj Ohnstad on the Uke) The Elected
God Only Knows (What We'll Do Without You) Beach Boys
Don't Let the Door Hit You (The Kinks) The Kinks
Sleeping next to Kim Jong Un (Rolling Stones featuring Jason Fuse and John Neiswinger) The Rolling Stones
Gimme Some Mailbag (Spinal Tap Feat. Jason Fuse and John Neiswinger) Spinal Tap
They Can't Hit, They Can't Field (Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da) The Beatles
Life's Good When You're Rich (Featuring Judofuse) Ween
Get By With A Little Help From Sheehans (Feat. Kj Ohnstad, Idea by Kyle Hampton) Joe Cocker
Yard Sale? Never! (Cat Stevens-The Wind) Cat Stevens/Yusaf Islam
The Wizards (Beatles-Don't Pass Me By) The Beatles
Dedicated Follower of Cheeses (For the CheeseBoy-The Kinks) The Kinks
In the Doghouse Now (Soggy Bottom Boys) The Soggy Bottom Boys
Do You Ever Drink Alone? (or In Bubes's Car) Ween
The Weatherman Song (Monty Python, Featuring Brad Weiss and John Fitzpatrick) Monty Python
Confused (Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes) Paul Simon
The Mr. Tony Mashup...Blah Blah Blah (Trio-Da Da Da) TK and Friends
The Orchid on the Mound (Beatles-Fool on the Hill) The Beatles
City house (Country House-Blur) Blur
Here Comes Mr. Tony's Mailbag (Monty Python Always look on the bright side) Eric Idle/Monty Python
Please (Stay on the Air) (Pink Floyd) Pink Floyd
Filling the Hole (The Beatles-Fixing a Hole) The Beatles
Waste My Days (Weezer-Keep Fishin) Weezer
Harry oh Harry (Take the Urine Upstairs) (Inside Llewyn Davis) (New Record for Parentheses) Folk Song
Andy Polley (Yellow Submarine) The Beatles
Money Keeps Falling on my Head (B.J., Burt) Burt Bacharach, B.J. Thomas
Tribute to the TK Chicks Round 1 (Dear Prudence) The Beatles
You'll Never Get Wilbon to Be Surprised (HBO Theme/Hank Williams Sr.) Hank Williams Sr.
Junior VII Leonard Cohen
When You're Orange (People are Strange) The Doors
Bleak Horizon (True Detective Theme Song) Handsome Family
Weasles (The Beatles-Piggies) The Beatles
What Happened to the Mailbag? (Playing around on the guitar) Me
I Hear the Cajun Coming (A Johnny Cash Tribute to Carville) Johnny Cash
Tony's Silver Hammer The Beatles
In Spite of Himself feat. Kj Ohnstad (John Prine and Iris Dement) John Prine and Iris Dement
House of the Rising Sun (Sung by Joe Aro) The Animals
Stuck in the Middle With You (Steelers Wheel) Steelers Wheel
Lost Mailbag (Hank Williams Sr.) Hank Williams Sr.
Happy Holidays Littles ( A poor attempt at Chuck) Chuck Berry
Suck on it and like it: Adjusted lyrics (Spinal Tap Big Bottom) Spinal Tap
Tony (Lola) The Kinks
It's in the Mailbag (Kinks Sunny Afternoon) The Kinks
Sloop John B (A snow jingle) Beach Boys
Being for the Benefit of TK Round 2 The Beatles
Day in the Life Part 2 (I get by with a little help from Ne-grel-li) The Beatles
Bald People (Randy Newman) Randy Newman
Heart of Gold (Neil Young) Neil Young
Do it Again Beach Boys