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Arrest (Respect) Aretha Franklin
Plausibly Live (Featuring Jason Fuse) Pearl Jam
Plausibly (Let It Be) The Beatles
Choking Dogs (Smelly Cat) Phoebe Buffet
Somebody Made Him A Doctor (Somebody Get Me A Doctor) Van Halen
Cha Cha Cha Cha Chatter (Changes) David Bowie
Mad (Bad) Michael Jackson
Burgers and Fries (Learning To Fly) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
After The Glove Is Gone (After The Love Is Gone) Earth, Wind and Fire
Brackets Delight The Sugarhill Gang
Tone Can't Keep It Together (Love Will Keep Us Together) Captain & Tennille
Gas Man (Taxman) The Beatles
Plates Make Me Freak (Eight Days A Week) The Beatles
Hear Me, Podcast Me, Quote Me, Accurately (See Me Feel Me) The Who
Kippy Survived (I Will Survive) featuring Joe Aro Gloria Gaynor
I Have A Piano Remix Tony Beeson
This is the Theme to the Harry's Read (This is the Theme to Garry's Show) Bill Lynch
Can't Stop Bleeding (Been Caught Stealing) Jane's Addiction
Your Bleedin' Arm (Your Cheatin' Heart) Hank Williams Sr.
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Net Bachman Turner Overdrive
Throw the Fade (Fade Away) Bruce Springsteen
Flexor Strain (King of Pain) The Police
Ligament Tear (Cinnamon Girl) Neil Young
With Constant Kvetching The Soggy Bottom Boys
Say La Cheeserie (Take it Easy) The Eagles
Summer Jinglin' (Summer Nights) Cast of Grease
Ruined For Life (Cruel To Be Kind) Nick Lowe
Money Down The Drain (Runnin' Down A Dream) Tom Petty
DC Strangler (Midnight Rambler) The Rolling Stones
Want Sponsors (Rock Lobster) The B52s
Fridays Off In June (Walking On The Moon) The Police
You Never Give Me Neil Greenburg (You Never Give Me Your Money) The Beatles
Roast Carville (Solsbury Hill) Peter Gabriel
Even Liver The Rutles
Signed, Sealed, Delivered Stevie Wonder
Name Goo Goo Dolls
Meta Memes and Emojis (Lawyers Guns and Money) Warren Zevon
Mike Brady Beret (Raspberry Beret) Prince
Headphones (Head Games) Foreigner
Tried Shots of Estrogen (I Shot the Sheriff) Bob Marley
Mojitos (At Half Price) The Beatles
Rob’s Notebook (Wild Horses) The Rolling Stones
(Don't) Ask Mr. Tony Questions Lynyrd Skynyrd
One Job Bob Marley
Chessie (Jesse) Carly Simon
Blurb On The Cover (Smoke On The Water) Deep Purple
Five To One The Doors
Pooch (Hooch) Everything
Three Dogs You've Buried (Three Times A Lady) The Commodores
Hall of Fame (You're So Vain) Carly Simon
Hollywood Life (Hollywood Nights) Bob Seger
He Wants Wu ( Et tam gravi) The Beatles
Kinkajou (Sung Song Blue) Neil Diamond
Hotel With Two Bathrobes (Hotel California) The Eagles
Plates Make Me Freak (Eight Days A Week) The Beatles
Prius Stallin' (Free Fallin') Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Got Rubbish (Hot Blooded) Foreigner
Proud Tony (Proud Mary) Creedence Clearwater Revival
And Still This Show Stinks (And Your Bird Can Sing) The Beatles
Tony In Disguise For Retirement The Beatles
The Choker (The Joker) The Steve Miller Band
Kornheiser (Tom Sawyer) RUSH
Cillizza (Godzilla) Blue Oyester Cult
Gretchen Wu Rick Springfield
Tony Don't Lose That Chicken Steely Dan
Brick Toss (Brick House) The Commodores
Beg (Peg) Steely Dan
Kevin's White Christmas Brought To You By KFC Bing Crosby
Buy Deck Shoes (My Old School) Steely Dan
Hey Wendy (Hey Nineteen) Steely Dan
Hey Wendy (Hey Nineteen) Steely Dan
Rob Berg's Ringtone Guns n Roses
Welcome To The Mailbag Guns n Roses
Wooden Bowls (Rock and Roll) Led Zeppelin
Boom Box Butler Foreigner
Red Starbucks Cup Toby Keith
Me and Alan Bubes Havin' Dinner at The Palm Paul Simon
Not Contenders (No Surrender) Bruce Springsteen
Eatin’ at the Schvitz Taco
Black's Not Coming In (Black Coffee In Bed) Squeeze
Best Week's the Bye (Brilliant Disguise) Bruce Springsteen
Don't Know Why Nora Jones
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off Louis Armstrong
It's Carcinogenical (But I Like It) The Rolling Stones
Monkey School Dropout (Beauty School Dropout) Frankie Avalon
Call Me Owl (Call Me Al) Paul Simon
Drive The Cars
Guns, Guns, Guns (Fun, Fun, Fun) The Beach Boys
He Didn't Say That (You Can't Do That) The Beatles
Read Along Softly (Killing Me Softly) Roberta Flack
Uber Black (Back In Black) AC/DC
Where is My Ring Now? (Who Can It Be Now?) Men At Work
Your Spouse (Our House) Madness
Sunny-n-75 (Stayin' Alive) The Bee Gees
Wearing Jeans (Billie Jean) Michael Jackson
Not Shopping at Whole Foods (Tangled Up In Blue) Bob Dylan
Tuna in Water (Buddy Holly) Weezer
Careless Chipshot (Careless Whisper) Wham!
Casey Janssen (Casey Jones) Grateful Dead
RG3 (A Draft Oddity) David Bowie
Kirk Cousins (Glass Onion) The Beatles
Whole Lotta Tony AC/DC
Miss You The Rolling Stones
Let's Go The Cars
Take It To Rehoboth (Take It To The Limit) The Eagles
Snack Bar Goddess (Jukebox Hero) Foreigner
Bridge Girl (Rich Girl) Hall & Oates
Golden Bridge (Golden Years) David Bowie
The Old Man We Call Satchmo (The Old Man Down the Road) John Fogerty
Grin Reaper (Maneater) Hall & Oates
Loomis Chaffee (In The Navy) The Village People
I Spell So Well (Michelle) The Beatles
He's Bald, He's On PTI (I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide) ZZ Top
TSA (California Girls) The Beach Boys
Plumbing (Something) The Beatles
Feinstein Field (Centerfield) John Fogerty
Mailbag Tonight (Heartache Tonight) The Eagles
Flat Runnin' Tires (Runnin' on Empty) Jackson Browne
Trash Fight (Flashlight) Parliament
The Umpire (I'm on Fire) Bruce Springsteen
My Jingling (My Ding-a-ling) Chuck Berry
The Ballad of Jorge Posada (The Ballad of John and Yoko) The Beatles
King Ted (King Tut) Steve Martin
Don't Fear the Turtle (Don't Fear the Reaper) Blue Oyester Cult
Rain Horse Motel (Highway To Hell) AC/DC
Golden Corral (Golden Slumbers) The Beatles
Read the Mailbag (Sweet Emotion) Aerosmith
Boulevard of Choking Dogs Green Day
Who Put The Swap In Cillizza‘s Wife Swap? (Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)) Barry Mann
Sulaimon (Panama) Van Halen
Sliders from Drew Storen (Riders on the Storm) The Doors
No One Gets Fired (Love Me Two Times) The Doors
Fine Italian Meal (Games Without Frontiers) Peter Gabriel
Propane (Cocaine) Eric Clapton
Am I Really Going To Bat Again? (Is She Really Going Out With Him?) Joe Jackson
Bundle Up Old Man (Landslide) Fleetwood Mac
Insultin' Kevin Sheehan (Parody of Sultans of Swing) Dire Straits
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Defensive Fundamentals? Parody of (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding? Elvis Costello
Airwaves of Tony's Show (Parody of Cover of the Rolling Stone) Dr. Hook
I Play Alone (Short Version) Parody of "I Drink Alone" George Thorogood
You Stink On Ice, That's Alright Bob Dylan
Ticket For Five (Ticket To Ride Parody) The Beatles
Yesterday (Tony's Mailbag Theme) The Beatles
Stay Jackson Browne