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Jingle/Song Original Artist Actions
Treinen ("Cryin'" - The OTHER One') Aerosmith
Aaron's Not Gonna Have Lunch Cyndi Lauper
Adam Isn't Breathing Duncan Sheik
Is It Called Modal? (You Can Call Me Al) Paul Simon
Proud to Be a Little Lee Greenwood
Third-Floor Location P.O.D.
They Gotta Be Deported The Ramones
Your Song (Wilbon Walk-Up Edition) Elton John
Addicted to Plugs Robert Palmer
Hallelujah, Part XII (The Podcast Edition) Leonard Cohen
Michael Wilbon ("Let's Get It on") Marvin Gaye
Michael Wilbon ("What's Going On?") Marvin Gaye
It's the End of the Show as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) R.E.M.
Socialite Dave Matthews Band
Honestly Billy Joel
The Smartest Man in Town David Bowie
Dayenu (Mr. Tony edition) Passover
David ("Memory") Cats
Littles Anthem Red Hot Chili Peppers
Man! I Feel Like Wilbon! Shania Twain
The Rose (Mr. Tony Edition) Bette Midler
Aaron Raised His Game Bruce Springsteen
These Are the "Champions" Queen
You Like That! Enrique Iglesias
Gretchen Wu The Beach Boys
The Second City Bruce Springsteen
O-Fer the Road Bruce Springsteen
Learn to Run Bruce Springsteen
Eight and Eight Bruce Springsteen
Who's Eddie Vedder, Man? Pearl Jam
Shad! Isley Brothers
The Day the Delay Died (Full Length) Don McLean
I Don't Work Fridays The Boomtown Rats
Where in the World Did Bryce Harper's Ring Go? Rockapella
I Will Transcribe Gloria Gaynor
Gotta Transcribe The Bee Gees
The Randy Man Sammy Davis Jr.
Randy (You're a Bad Coach) Looking Glass
Eatin' Out Billy Joel
Downtown Petula Clark
"Sheehan" (Parody of "Starman") David Bowie
Crock-of-**** Rock (Ode to Brian Williams) Elton John
If I Had My Phone on WiFi Bare Naked Ladies
Not Shaputzpah The Knack
Tony's Sandwich (Joseph's Coat of Many Colors) Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat