The TK Jingles Weekly Prodcast

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The TK Jingles Weekly Prodcast, hosted by Jerry Negrelli, features interviews with personalities from The Tony Kornheiser Show and showcases new jingles from the previous week. In addition, the weekly prodcast features its own mailbag segment, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the jingle-writing process, and features never-before-heard jingles and demoes each week!

Recent Episodes

  • released : 07/18/2017
    The prodcast returns with wonderful new songs such as "Move to Chatter," "I Want It That Way," "3DP," and two takes on PIZZA DANCER!!! Then Jerry talks about the third jinglefest, the fourth jinglefest, and a preview of things to come for TKJ once it's no longer TKJ!

  • released : 04/27/2017
    Jerry, Jason, Rob, and Steve break down the 64 jingles selected for the 2017 jingle bracket showdown (April Asininity!!!!). The guys explain their rationale or lack thereof for picking jingles across four regions: Emails, Faxes, and Crap; Unaired and Miscellaneous; Friends and Enemies; and Old Guy Radio/News/Steve's Random-Ass Picks.

  • released : 03/29/2017
    Six great new jingles about gloves, guac, guests and Jeopardy! Plus some chatter on the glorious return of the haiku, a law update, some tips on submitting good jingles, and a featured segment on Dylan from LA who churns out nothing but gold. Also features the top song of the week, Is It Called Modal?

  • released : 03/10/2017
    A few separate and ignorable stories will catch you up on the venue search for TK Jingles LIVE 2017. Featuring great new songs from Luke Overbey (Lose Your Wealth!) and Joe Aro (Bridge Over TK Jingles) sandwiched between long-winded stories about venue scouting, facility agreements, and some candid talk about what the future looks like for an entity with the letters T and K in it.

  • released : 02/23/2017
    If you enjoy Jerry's contributions to stupid parody music, then this is the exclusive location (for now??) to hear those songs. Featuring wonderful new jingles from Robert Berg, Joe Aro, Luke Overbey and others, plus a collection of demos and musings, this episode has the feel of a vintage TK Jingles show from the Spring/Summer of 2014. If you liked it then and are still listening for some unexplained reason, you'll probably enjoy this one now, too!

  • released : 01/26/2017
    This week's show features a rundown of new music including songs about chugging milk (yay?) and some stellar performances from Kj, Joe and Scott Anthony. We also pay tribute to Shad, the man who has entertained Littles for over 25 years with his silly little poems. This week also features the debut of some original music to commemorate the new ORIGINAL MUSIC feature at

  • released : 01/19/2017
    Wonderful new songs about restaurants and Junior, a preview of the next Jinglefest, the comedic stylings of blairh, and a custom song for Claudia. All that plus the debut of The Utterly Comparable Tom Berf!!

  • released : 01/12/2017
    A rundown of great new jingles about restaurants and ponies followed by a preview of jingle bracketology featuring E-mails, faxes, and notes along with Friends and Enemies. After that, it's a completely separate and ignorable story about some furniture that I dropped off just past Winchester, VA once upon a time. Well worth the skip button.

  • released : 01/05/2017
    Starting with an exciting announcement about this year's TK JINGLES HALL OF FAME inductees following by a slew of wonderful new songs about Tony's restaurant adventures, a reading from his diary, and some ponies. This episode also takes a look back at some of my favorite moments of jingledom in 2016 as discussed on the TKJ Facebook page. Lots to enjoy here for new and old listeners alike - send your feedback to!

  • released : 12/14/2016
    Despite the best efforts of the work gods, the show is still chugging along. The triumphant return features new music like "Towed and Compacted," "Hear Me, Podcast Me, Quote Me Accurately," and "9 and 20." All your favorite singers are here like Brad Weiss and Brad Weiss. Also featuring a meditation on how someone "has a piano." And we have some great ad reads and songs about ads. Also some holiday music. It IS a prodcast!!

  • released : 11/10/2016
    Featuring three wonderful new songs from the website and a featured segment using the "slash show" web page which highlights folks who haven't had a tune on Tony's show in a while. This week's glance at slash show yields a featured segment on Bill Barto and Luke Overbey!

  • released : 10/27/2016
    A rundown of seven great new TK Jingles featuring interspersed "critical commentary" to keep the lawyers at bay. This is fair use, fellas!! After that we take a trip back to the late '50s, early '60s for music that is only enjoyed by really, really old-timers (and Jerry and Joe, apparently). We'll also take a dip in the Facebook version of the cesspool and hear a story about a well-intended, horribly-executed gift.

  • released : 10/20/2016
    Featuring 10 wonderful new songs from, a featured segment on license plate tunes, and some classics including Luke Overbey's "Stan" and "Mr. Avocado." It's a throwback, musicy episode. And it's good. (Where can they hear the song? They can't hear the song)

  • released : 10/06/2016
    The F Team delivers a love letter to Chris "The Fix" Cillizza. This one's for you, babe.

  • released : 09/29/2016
    Featuring new songs about toys and license plate, a commentary on the A Team (no, not that one), a trip to The Schvitz and more! We also answer the age old question asked by bar patrons worldwide: what the heck is in "a Cillizza?"

  • released : 09/22/2016
    This episode kicks off with Jerry's protest anthem, The Show Can't Even Handle Me Right Now, which is quickly cut when it's revealed that Jerry was on today's episode of the flagship. So many good opportunities for b*tching, down the tubes. After that, we get 8 great new songs about Farraday cages and the Golden Corral plus a trip to the cesspool, a dance on the third rail (in go go boots!), and some songs about sports. Also, Jerry reveals the TK dealbreaker that could put an end to this whole enterprise.

  • released : 09/15/2016
    It's a NEW SEASON of the TK Jingles Prodcast!!! We finally have our own website,, and now we have some exciting new ways to join the conversation, too! This episode explores what the Prodcast IS, what it COULD be, and what it MIGHT be. We'll also take a dip in the cesspool, speak of some tangents, and feature the LIVE set from LUKE OVERBEEEEEE!!!!!

  • released : 08/18/2016
    Featuring nominees and winners for Collaboration of the Year, Performance of the Year, Larry King-Related Song of the Year, Song of the Year, and Barry White Impression of the Year, this episode will answer all your questions as to who the best singers, writers, and prodcasters are.

  • released : 08/11/2016
    Featuring a live acoustic set by Jason Fuse and a questionable follow-up by your host, this episode is sure to live in infamy. In addition to the unplugged jams, you get new jingles from Kj, Brad, Joe, Bill Barto, Elliott, Steve and more! Also, some fun surprises as always in the form of relaxing breaks and a Meat Loaf song.

  • released : 08/04/2016
    Featuring brand new songs from RobertSz, Joe Aro, John Fitzpatrick, Brad Weiss, and Steve Lipton, plus a collection of time fillers by Jerry, PLUS the "live" set by Sean Morrissey!!! Throw in some outtakes an an extra collaboration and this is just about the best TK-affiliated prodcast you can find this August! Special shout out to Jason Isbell for inspiring one parody and a non-shout out to the ass clown running for president this year for fueling another.

  • released : 07/28/2016
    A new song by Kj, a few demos by Jerry and a Director Commentary and LIVE SET by Robert Berg highlight this week's episode of the prodcast! All that plus the return of the schvitz, some favorite songs from 2016 and some e-mails, faxes, and notes!

  • released : 07/21/2016
    Bookended by two bits inspired by fans of this show, this episode features FOUR new songs, a retroactive LIVE set from Kj Ohnstad, song selections from the Summers of 2013-2015. And while that would be enough, this episode also features the debut of a very special (separate and ignorable) segment at the end.

  • released : 07/14/2016
    This episode features a few new songs like Joey Negrelli and I'm Gonna Need a Million Dollars. But the highlight is the Steve Lipton faux live set. And of course, the epic conclusion of THE SHADOW - MURDER AT THE SCHVITZ!!!

  • released : 07/07/2016
    A ginormous mailbag episode recounting tons of favorite moments from the Littles who joined us for EVEN LIVER. This episode also features Joe Aro's first LIVE set, a featured segment on Tony's upcoming podcast, and the third set Jerry WOULD have performed in an alternate reality. All that plus lots of other dumb moment sure to traumatize your loved ones.

  • released : 06/30/2016
    A recap of TK Jingles LIVE 2016 EVEN LIVER! Starting with the seed that led to the event in the first place, a recap of how the setlist came together, the night before, the high drama of getting ready for the show that day amid the weasels and a quick recap of the performance itself. Featured in this episode are all of the bonus extended tracks we prepared just for the event!

  • released : 06/09/2016
    Let's celebrate the end of Tony Kornheiser's 24 year run on DC radio the only way we know how - some stupid song parodies! This episode features brand new parodies of Les Miserables and Robbie Williams along with 7 new jingles and a featured segment on DEER and FAWN! And a Nightmare of a schvitz break.

  • released : 05/26/2016
    An update on the 2016 jingle show, seven brand new jingles plus CLIP segments on laser-like fat removal, the Carville roast, and a special (but healthy) treat for Tim Kurkjian!

  • released : 05/12/2016
    New songs about Steve Sands, Gary Braun, burning metros and Chessie. A featured segment on Kip Sheman and a featured segment on the Caps. And that's about it. But it ain't half bad.

  • released : 05/05/2016
    A tribute to trolls from Jerry, Brad and Kj along with a ton of wonderful new songs but the regular crew. This episode features two jingles that Tony essentially wrote via Michael's Twitter feed. Also featuring a song about a secret meat market, Hamilton and a wonderful Depeche Mode-style version of a classic Cheeseboy song.

  • released : 04/21/2016
    Hamilton the Musical. Alice's Restaurant. Just-in-time songs for Bill Lehecka. A clip of Brian Windhorst's Crossover moment. This is the episode you heard that convinced you the TK Jingles Prodcast is a half decent show that you should check in on from time to time. Also, it had some new (at the time) music set to Jack Sparrow, Black Hole Sun and Johnny Cash's version of Hurt. And lots and lots of clips. You remember this one - because it's good.

  • released : 04/14/2016
    A celebration and funeralization of the new ESPN 980 lineup, featuring new songs from Robert Berg, Luke, Dylan, and more! Plus a segment on La Cheeserie, Ben Folds + Chessie, I-95 and the mailbag!!

  • released : 04/06/2016
    A talkie open discussing the link between The Walking Dead, Russell Crowe, Tony Kornheiser and Billy Joel followed by new jingles about Chessie and Robert Berg. Then we'll focus on how Tony hits the same points over and over, how Raju and I summer together and how Mark Polydoris has 3 hours of original music for you to hear this June. Also, mailbag.

  • released : 04/01/2016
    The 1st episode in a bold new direction!!! Featuring brand new songs by Jerry, Steve Lipton and Joey and including featured segments on Sweaty Parcheesi and the top schvitz songs of all time!!! Guard the cockles of your heart: the Schvitzcast will shatter any pre-conceptions you may have about how awesome a prodcast can be!!!

  • released : 03/31/2016
    Featuring some great new jingles about the Palm, the Parm, and the 3 questions segment, a featured segment on our favorite intergalactic editor, Howard Fineman, a clip segment on sheep, and some assorted nonsense from Brian in Oak Hill. And after all that, there is a dire warning not to listen to tomorrow's episode. Seriously, it will devour your soul.

  • released : 03/24/2016
    Featuring new songs about antibiotics, the fear of food that touches other food, and a classic Joe Aro jingle about the 7-11. This episode also features the #1 jingle of the week, Bad Copy, some audacious iTunes reviews and odd parody choices like The Offspring and Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog.

  • released : 03/17/2016
    This week on the TK Jingles Prodcast: 6 new songs about Fiats, bling and Thursdays, a featured segment on the awful advertising copy, an homage to Mike from Burke, and the much anticipated continuation of The Shadow: Murder at the Schvitz!!!

  • released : 03/10/2016
    Featuring six wonderful new songs about Sheehan, Ruffalo and Svrluga (say that three times fast!) plus an update on EVEN LIVER! This show also features wonderful new songs about the laundry topic of the week, Tony's new dog Chessie! All that plus new parodies of Ryan Adams and Meatloaf - and the mailbag!

  • released : 03/03/2016
    In a world with no parking but loads of chaputzvah... This episode marks the 2 year anniversary and one hundredth installment of the TK Jingles Prodcast. Featuring big announcements, fabulous guest stars, listener mail, schvitzing, questions and answers, fake ads, lots of talking - oh, and seven new songs! This is a big one!!!!

  • released : 02/25/2016
    It's the original jinglepalooza, the TK Jingles Prodcast, featuring 9 new songs from the past week along with featured segments on Beatrice and Tony's quest for a new dog. With contributions from Joe, Kj, and a lot of Steve Lipton, this is a music-heavy episode you'll want to share with the whole family. Brought to you by Truck Stop Hand Soap!

  • released : 02/18/2016
    This episode begins with a heart-wrenching apology to Chris Cillizza followed by four great new songs by Bill Barto, Kj, Mike in Burke, Steve Lipton, Steffi Rubin and John Neiswinger. That's followed by a stream of consciousness clips segment about the Monday, Feb 15 episode of Tony's show and a collection of "nice" songs to make up for how mean Jerry was last week. And then there's so more good stuff at the end.

  • released : 02/11/2016
    8 wonderful new jingles followed by specialized material about Gretchen Wu, Chris Cillizza, and Larry David! That's followed up by the #1 and #3 jingle of the week and some e-mails, faxes, and notes! This episode is brought to you by Horse Clips: "Women CLEAN their hair with horse shampoo, real men CUT their hair with horse shears!"

  • released : 02/04/2016
    From the very smart (Are You Really A Republican?) to the very dumb (Tokyo Sexwale!), this episode runs the full gamut of The Tony Kornheiser Show. Featuring new topical songs from Sean, John Neiswinger, Kj Ohnstad, and Robert Berg plus featured segments on Bone China and Tony's valet service at the airport. Closing with the #1 jingle of the week (Avocado/Desperado) and the obligitory, but very sad, Schvitz Break. :(

  • released : 01/28/2016
    This week we get 4 new songs by Jason, Rob, Sean, and Jerry followed by an avalanche of snow-themed tunes! Followed by the original bocce ball clip and the original bocce ball song, a reflection on bone china and a grab bag including Putin on the Spritz and the very first Avocado/Desperado parody! Plus, some notes and a modest dose of schvitz.

  • released : 01/21/2016
    This episode features an eight song montage of JUNK songs and a special featured segment on the just-in-time turnaround magic of Steve and Jason. Featured new songs include How To Forget, John Fitzpatrick’s 150th jingle, Intergalactic Howard Fineman, Jason’s 101st, along with Beat It, Tony In Disguise For Retirement, and Putin on the Spritz! All that plus an exciting mailbag that addresses the recent Schvitz controversy!

  • released : 01/14/2016
    Opening with a stinker from the Billy Joel back catalogue, this may go down as the worst episode in the history of the prodcast. Just like Nigel, even Jerry has bad days. Featuring one of the most glorious self-indulgent bits in the history of the show which TIRB describes as "an odd blend of a lot of effort to get all the small details just right, and not giving one and a half ****s about voicing margo lane or trying too terribly hard to find sexist things to say." There's also a LOT of great new music from Joe Aro, Kj, Brad, Jason, Rob, and several newcomers. If you're out on your back, take your headphones off so you aren't distracted - it's dangerous out there!

  • released : 01/07/2016
    An all clips episode capturing some of the signature moment of 2015 from TK's show and Featuring Chaputzvah, Subway sandwiches, Gretchen Wu, bocce balls, TK Jingles LIVE, Tony's appearance on the prodcast and much, much, more! This episode was made possible thanks to contributions by Byron Cotter, Robert Berg, Jason Fuse, Joe Aro, Brad Weiss, Steve Lipton, John Neiswinger, and Luke Overbey!

  • released : 12/31/2015
    A star-studded spectacular counting down the 25 most wanted songs as subjectively selected by the host of this prodcast, presented by our good friends at TanDuel, Illegal Seafood, and our newest sponsor, Horse Clips!!! This episode features classic 2015 jingles like Balding Jordan Spieth, Wilbon's World, Bocce Balls, Trotz, Trotz, Trotz, Big Rock Cocaine Planet, Better by (John) Beck and more!!! In retrospect, this episode features a surprising amount of content about the Capitals given their limited play on the actual show.

  • released : 12/24/2015
    Featuring 7 new songs from TK Jingles including "As the Wu Turns" by Robert Berg, "The Baboon Gambler" by David Ziff and Steve Lipton and "Holtby" by Sean Morrisey. This episode also includes a CLIPS segment featuring stories about ice cream, Chicken Parmesan at The Palm, and Tony buying his neighbor's house for his son. On top of that, you'll enjoy a lovely collection of holiday tunes and some reflection on the Yahoo career of JE Skeets and general blah that is Jay Mohr.

  • released : 12/10/2015
    Hosted by Jerry Negrelli (Top 10 runner up in the TIME person of the year contest), this episode features eleven wonderful new songs, a collection of just-in-time tunes and an off topic tune about everyone's favorite demagogue. Plus, a mailbag featuring some new fans and old critics!

  • released : 12/03/2015
    Jerry returns to the TK Jingles Prodcast to share new songs about squirrels, Waze, I-95 and other exciting moments from the past few weeks. Featuring a section of tunes about Kevin's Winter Weather Outlook, a track by Scary Gary Alan, and a tribute to all those who made last week's "HIJACKED" episode such a great success!

  • released : 11/26/2015
    After last week's startling conclusion, Jason Fuse and Robert Berg pick up the pieces of the TK Jingles Prodcast and assemble a special edition of the show with guest appearances by Steve Lipton and Joe Aro! Plus, we'll answer to the age old question: Will there be a schvitz break?!!

  • released : 11/19/2015
    This week's episode features 7 new songs including new parodies of Huey Lewis and Kermit the Frog plus great new material from John Fitzpatrick, Dr. Rob, Brad Weiss, Steve Lipton and T. Chappell Aldridge! Followed by some self-referential material, a mailbag, and a shocking finale that will leave you breathless. Presented by TanDuel: Remember, TanDuel is not a tanning salon, it is a game of skill!

  • released : 11/12/2015
    Three main threads run through this episode: Joe Aro's appearance on Tony's show, the explosion of new material in the past few days, and The Schvitz. We also have a little fun at how bad Tony's memory is until I realize that mine is just as bad despite being half his age. Oh well... chaputzvah!

  • released : 11/05/2015
    An unforgettable episode of the prodcast featuring 5 new jingles followed by meditations on steak and schvitz, julienne root vegetables, and Burt Bacharach parodies! I also discuss a possible name change for the show, my feelings on Dusty Baker, and share some wonderful mailbag moments. As always, all praise to TanDuel.

  • released : 10/29/2015
    This episode is brought to you by the shady businessmen behind "TanDuel," a place for real people just like you to get dangerous artificial tans and win REAL MONEY! This episode features 7 new jingles, two songs about Tony's impending firing/death, the #1 jingle of the week (Wilbon's World) and two tragically overwrought songs from Jerry's Rubbish Bin.

  • released : 10/22/2015
    This episode is essentially an extended Kj Ohnstad demo reel with a few bits of Michelle, Jenni and others sprinkled in. Which makes it awesome. That's right, folks, this very special episode is nothing but duets, duets, and more duets! We also celebrate the return of T. Chappell Adridge in the mailbag!

  • released : 10/15/2015
    A special feature on a flurry of new just-in-time jingles about the Zombies, driving, and rampant intern abuse. That's followed by several great new Rob Berg jingles, a new parody of John Legend and classics from the Ron Moretti catalogue. All that plus the mailbag featuring a new song from Jason Fuse, Cillizza's irritating promotion of "Goodbye, OBC" and a note from Courtney!

  • released : 10/08/2015
    After 6 wonderful new TK Jingles, this week's episode features a collection of Tony Kornheiser audio clips leading into the songs the they inspired. From the time Larry King almost died on air to the time TK trolled for Darius Rucker to play his son's wedding, many of your favorite OGR-turned-jingle moments are here. On top of all that, it's a Cillizza-themed mailbag and the number one jingle of the week, Last Friday's Show by Robert Berg!

  • released : 10/01/2015
    Jerry hasn't listened to Tony in about a week but the show goes on thanks to the wonderful contributions of Robert Berg, John Fitzpatrick, Byron, Luke, Kj, Jason, Joe and more! Featuring EIGHT new songs (including a new parody of Ed Sheeran), 3 Natinals tunes and some classics about charity golf, avacados, and Derrick Rose. All that plus the most half-assed mailbag jingle you'll ever hear!

  • released : 09/24/2015
    A crisis is averted when, after a freak and unexplained incident erases all the jingles on Jerry's hard drive, he learns that there is actually a WEBSITE where the vast majority of TK Jingles are stored. It also turns out that this website is FREE, super convenient and easy for anyone to use!?? After this miraculous realization, Jerry discovers 10 amazing new songs to share, several classics from 2013, and a bunch of hilarious comments from the Littles!!

  • released : 09/17/2015
    A parody of Bruce Springsteen's The River kicks off the show recapping all the shows Jerry missed last week followed by 6 great new songs! After that we'll enjoy some new material by Joe Aro and Jerry, the #1 jingle of the week and the worst topical jingle ever recorded, appropriately parodying one of the worst musicals you've ever heard of. After that it's the mailbag with a really bad, no good, downright mean demo jingle thrown in courtesy of Jerry, Jason and Mike in Burke. Prodtastic!!

  • released : 09/10/2015
    Another show on the road, this time from the lovely outer banks of North Carolina. Featuring seven awesome new jingles from the past week plus SEVENTEEN Redskins/RGIII tunes that comprise a musical recap of the Washington NFL franchise from September 2013 thru September 2015!

  • released : 09/03/2015
    Tony Kornheiser is back on the radio this week and yet this prodcast is still releasing new episodes for some reason?! Featuring a touching open by Dan Steinberg, a slew of Welcome Back songs, a featured Redskins/RGIII segment, a few bonus tracks and a "This Website Stinks" edition of the mailbag with a lovely new song by John Fitzpatrick

  • released : 08/27/2015
    From "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Still Billy Joel To Me" to Jerry's "All Billy Joel," folks have been parodying Billy Joel tunes for almost 35 years. This special edition of the TK Jingles Prodcast episode features 28 great jingles in the style of William Martin Joel along with limited commentary by Jerry and clips of Billy himself. If you question the timing of this particular episode, just remember that it's only 6 days until Tony Kornheiser is back on the air!

  • released : 08/20/2015
    If nothing else, one thing you can say after listening to this episode is that Tony Kornheiser "did some time." A truly special moment in the history of this prodcast and an oddly meta crossover moment that will be treasured by the 6.5 listeners of the program. Featuring some amazing just-in-time material by rob, Jason Fuse, John Fitzpatrick and Brad Weiss followed by a mega segment of Tony-specific jingles starring Kj, John, and more! All that plus THE MAILBAG!

  • released : 08/12/2015
    The countdown to Tony's return on September 1 begins with a preview of next week's very special guest, a parody of Jason Isbell, and an audacious guest segment by John Neiswinger! This episode also features two new parodies by the legendary "Mad" Brad Weiss plus the "Deranged Runtime" edition of American Pie! Throw in a cameo by Jerry's mom and some lovely classics like Ebola and Let's Go Fishing Raju and you have almost an hour of awesome entertainment!

  • released : 08/05/2015
    NBC4 meteorologist Chuck Bell drops by the virtual Prodcast studio for a conversation about weather, jargon, ear muffs in convertibles, and the special hot air in a certain part of DC that makes it so hard to predict the weather in the 20015. Featuring new material from Joe Aro, Bill Barto, Robert Berg and Jason Fuse along with new parodies of U2, Garth Brooks, Oasis, and many more!

  • released : 07/29/2015
    This episode features the "best of" the TK Jingles Prodcast INTRO songs, the silly 1:00 tunes that kick off each episode of the show and are then never heard from again. We'll also enjoy a collection of 7 new jingles from the past week including a parody of David Gray's "Babylon," and covers of Get Lucky and Very Mediocre. Throw in the mind-searing "Empire State of SharePoint" and you've got another epic episode that's well worth the $0.00 that you paid to listen!!!

  • released : 07/22/2015
    How do you improve on a parody of a pop song? Have someone else cover your parody cover! That's right, Littles, it's July and we're pulling out all the stops! Brad Weiss makes a miraculous recovery from his surgery, Jason Fuse pushes musical boundaries with Loyal, and Bill Barto makes his triumphant return with a TV Theme! All this plus new covers of Eagles and Nick Jonas (and obviously, most of you will immediately fast forward to the end to hear that one) and a mailbag full of iTunes reviews!

  • released : 07/15/2015
    Starting with a meditation on how the jingles have consumed Rob Berg's life (and that of many of us, actually), we are treated to 5 great new songs including parodies of Wrecking Ball and 99 Problems. This episode also includes 3 demos from the run up to TK Jingles:LIVE 2015 including the West Side Story Quintet/Tonight and Forever In Blue Jeans. We also enjoy live tracks from the live event including Piano Man and have a mailbag with plenty of information for life courtesy of the Littles!

  • released : 07/08/2015
    We open with a brief discussion of David Alridge's hilarious "outrage" over not being invited to TK Jingles: LIVE and segue to a recap of Rob Berg's "Balding Jordan Spieth" mini-viral moment. Featuring new music from Brad Weiss, Kj Ohnstad, Dave Mann, John D Bass, and Brennan! Plus 3 new selections from TK Jingles: LIVE including HE WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR CASH and GRAPEFRUIT JUICE FOR $3.69!! There's also a brief recap of the history of the jingle featuring Darius and Danny, a fun mailbag and a bizarre performance of Balding Jordan Spieth by a gal from Chile.

  • released : 07/01/2015
    The most verbose episode in the history of the TK Jingles Prodcast, Jerry reflects on a special night in June 2015 where Tony Kornheiser joined 100+ Littles at a rainy bar patio in Springfield, VA to enjoy an evening of silly songs and lots of fun. This episode features 5 songs about that night plus 4 special LIVE recordings from Jerry, Brad, Jason, Kj, Jeff, Steve Lipton and John Neiswinger. And the MAILBAG segment at the end probably sets a new record for self indulgence but it was a joy to read.

  • released : 06/17/2015
    This episode is devoted entirely to the evolution of the just-in-time jingle, a slowly burning flame which is suddenly taking over Tony's mailbag segment in a furious bonfire. From some tunes about Griffin to songs of skinmilk and arbor brides, Jerry will walk you through 25 hilarious songs documenting the evolution of the format.

  • released : 06/10/2015
    A collection of 8 of the 1,000 or so new jingles uploaded to in the past 7 days plus some bonus content from Nigel's Rubbish Bin and a few silly demoes. Recorded on the road in San Francisco, CA!

  • released : 06/03/2015
    It's reached the point that Jerry is pulling straws to determine what to play. There are simply too many songs, it's a certainty we're overlooking some classic jingles. Still, there are EIGHT great new tunes, a highlight reel of the 2014 Nigel's Rubbish Bin, the #1 Jingle of the week (Someone Put Their Trash In Mine) and some bonus Beatles material. Add in a mailbag and a cheapshot directed at Brad Weiss and you have the best episode of this podacast yet!

  • released : 05/27/2015
    An epic-ly long edition of the TK Jingles Prodcast that's worth listening to all the way through. Featuring NINE spectacular new jingles from the past two weeks, the debut of the TK Jingles Spinoff Prodcast hosted by Jason Fuse featuring an interview with Jerry Negrelli, a highlight of TK's favorite songs from the past week and a brand new mailbag. It's the best episode yet to be released on a Wednesday in May 2015.

  • released : 05/13/2015
    Featuring several great new jingles including Gimme Some Mailbag by Patrick with help from Jason and John, Write Your Own Songs by Ron Moretti, Hey Windy by Jerry, Hulu Cabana by Byron Cotter and Jason, Les Boulez by Kj and Jason, It Wasn’t Me by Geoff Tanner and AARP! Plus 5 classic songs about stories Tony's told once or twice and a mailbag chock full of MAIL!

  • released : 05/06/2015
    A parody of a song originally sung by Kim Jong Il, a tune about Syphillis and a guest spot by Patrick Moffett -- what's not to like? Also featuring wonderful new TK Jingles including Intergalactic Howard Fineman by judofuse, Chris Cilizza by rob in Pittsburgh, John Beck by Dylan, He Ain’t Breathing Adam Silver by JG, What If Tone Was One of Us by rob (again), Riptide by Kj, Golden Boys by John Neiswinger, and Where in the world did Bryce Harper’s Ring Go by Elliot Oshansky

  • released : 04/29/2015
    TK is off after another 3 day work week so it's time for you to check out the TK Jingles Podcast! Featuring a rather crazy amount of new music from the past week plus a featured segment on JINX SONGS, the #1 jingles of the week (Macho Man/Bocce Balls) and 5 classic tracks. This is a music-centric episode w/o too much yacking and if you enjoy the jingles on Tony's show you'll probably at least get a mild smirk out of this particular episode. Oo, I hope I didn't oversell that.

  • released : 04/22/2015
    A record number of new jingles to open the show including songs about Bocce Balls and Tony's Charity Golf gig. Also featured on this episode are some classic tunes from Tony's show including "Vincent (Starry Night)", "Feelin' Good," and "Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word." This episode is 90% music and the music is great!

  • released : 04/15/2015
    Featuring a guest segment by JOE ARO, a featured segment on the inside baseball inception-style tunes of Jason Fuse, 8 brand new jingles and a mailbag, this is possibly the best Tax Day release of a TK Jingles Podcast EVER! With contributions from Jason G, Kj, Joe, Jason, Ron Moretti and co., Rob, Brad and John Fitzpatrick, this one's got everything. Oh, and as Gary Braun and Jerry Negrelli foreshadowed ages ago, there is FINALLY a song about Tony doing his laundry.

  • released : 04/08/2015
    Featuring 7 brand new jingles by judofuse, Brad Weiss, Ben V and more along with parodies of Stone Temple Pilots, Marcy Playground, Disney's Aladdin, Coldplay! Top it off with a featured segment on jingles that were build FROM SCRATCH along with 3 bonus tunes and a mailbag and you have a heck of a show! This episode brought to you by Obscurity Records, proud home of the one and only Clyde Ankle!

  • released : 03/30/2015
    A bittersweet look back at the end of the "podcast delay," the cause of (and solution to) all of 980's problems. New songs include contributions from Kyle, judo, John Fitzpatrick, Brian and Joe Aro. Also, hear the amazing percussion of a Ford Fusion on a deluxe demo track of "Personal Cheeses" followed by the mailbag!

  • released : 03/23/2015
    Shot-putzvah! A slew of great new songs including Shopping for No Reason by Kj, Like a Tootsie Roll by Rob, Bracketology by judofuse, and Always Not Surprised by Ben V! A guest segment by Eliot Oshansky featuring some of his favorite songs like Tony and the Amazing Multiflavor Sandwich! After that, we'll muse on fishing trips with Raju and play a little bonus music then it's time to wrap it up!

  • released : 03/16/2015
    Featuring 8 brand new jingles including an incredible Boy Named Sue parody, some new haunting judofuse tunes, Jerry and Kj singing their first duet, and other highlights from the past week. After all the new music, Jerry discusses a bit of what a LIVE event would actually mean and why you may (or may not) want to attend the first TK Jingles event planned for June 27, 2015 (reason 1: It's FREE).

  • released : 03/09/2015
    Featuring a guest segment by Kj Ohnstad, the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY episode of the TK Jingles Podcast features 8 great new jingles, reflection on some of Kjerstin's favorite moments, some highlights from the week and a new Sam Cooke tune. Add in a mailbag and some throwaway pop music about shellfish and you've got one heck of a show!

  • released : 03/02/2015
    This episode features 40 minutes of We Didn't Start the Fire verses in one giant recursive loop. At least, it did until Jerry realized that someone had already covered that song, so instead he hastily scraped together some tracks from TK Jingles, a few ballads about Mike and Mike and the Man Cave, 5 classic tracks and a bunch of funny tweets for the mailbag. Featuring lots of judofuse, a smattering of Joe Aro and too much of the host lecturing listeners on what songs should/shouldn't be performed by people that are doing this for free.

  • released : 02/16/2015
    A show catering specifically to the traditional hasidic population of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the FIFTIETH episode of the TK Jingles Podcast features 5 songs about Chaputzvah/Shaputzfah/Shaputzpah. Following that we have 3 lovely new TK Jingles from the past week, a FEATURED GUEST segment starring Brad Weiss, a few bonus songs, plus the mailbag. All that, and Jerry's custom TK Jingles Podcast snuggie was relegated to "bath robe" status on last week's show.

  • released : 02/09/2015
    A collection of songs about sandwiches and wifi - uh, YES, finally! This episode also includes a featured segment of Alt/Grunge tunes, a passive aggressive home improvement song and the lovely E Lethargica song from Tony's 1924 broadcasts.

  • released : 02/02/2015
    Jerry is joined by the legendary parody artist Scary Gary Alan for a chat, a few songs, and a lot of laughs. On top of that, we get a whole host of Javelina tunes along with the regular smattering of silliness about neuroses and baldness. Featuring a parody of Gary's original tune, "My Dog Ate Nolan Ryan" and a complete rip-off of Gary's James Ingram song. This episode is a good one, kids.

  • released : 01/25/2015
    Basically 30 minutes about balls and "deflate gate." This episode also includes some actual jingles by Joe Aro, Brad Weiss, Kj Ohnstad, John Neiswinger and more. Plus a special preview of next week's guest, Scary Gary Alan!

  • released : 01/18/2015
    This episode features parodies of Tony Bennett, Prince, Meat Loaf and more. The featured segment is DUETS followed by some bonus tunes including a vintage 1999 performance from Almost Five, and an original song that will have you contemplating suicide. All that plus the mailbag where we'll share e-mail and tweets about some guy who have no life.

  • released : 01/11/2015
    With the Redskins season over, what the heck will the Littles sing about?? Tune into this episode to find out! Featuring new a potpourri of genre bending songs by geezertaz, Pdubble, Blair St Amand, Roy Mathewson, John Welsh, and Kj Ohnstad. Hear an imaginary November 2014 Jinglepalooza, the #1 jingle of the week, and a few bonus tunes. All that, plus the absolute worst mailbag in the history of this program. Seriously, it stinks.

  • released : 01/04/2015
    It's the first episode of 2015 and despite 2 weeks of no TK, there are still a whole bunch of brand new TK jingles! This week features a couple songs to close out the Redskins' dismal 2014 season, a song about cable problems and the inevitable burgle/murder that follows, and some rants against the sales weasels. Featuring new songs from John Fitzpatrick, NiR, Joe Aro, Brad Weiss, Kj Ohnstad and Patrick Moffett plus some bonus tunes and (somehow, someway) the mailbag.

  • released : 12/22/2014
    In this special retrospective episode, Jerry counts down the top 20 jingles of 2014. This episode includes classic jingles about cooking chickens, shopping at the grocery store and James Carville's acknowledged bad-assery.

  • released : 12/15/2014
    Featuring a recap of the RGIII song hoopla, some great new songs by Patrick, John Fitzpatrick, and John Neiswinger, and a cheesy holiday song showcase featuring Brad Weiss and Joe Aro. All that, plus a mailbag dripping with negativity and drive-by cheapshots!

  • released : 12/01/2014
    Recorded after a harrowing week with extended family in the mountains of Virginia, this episode pushes Jerry to his limits to record a podcast after a long drive home. This episode features a bunch of sad songs about the benching of RGIII, a collection of new songs leading up to Kevin's Winter Weather Forecast, Newschannel 8 Trivia, and a few bonus songs!

  • released : 11/24/2014
    John Feinstein joins the program to discuss his pants size, TK's proclivity for yelling "Do You Know Who I Am?", and the Wooden Story. This episode features a few special requests for John (Billy Joel, A Chorus Line) along with a few songs about Triscuits, the Redskins, the podcast delay and the mailbag! Oh, and we might hear that one Leonard Cohen song about 14 times.

  • released : 11/17/2014
    Jerry returns from a long week in Las Vegas and struggles through the jet lag to finish this podcast in the nick of time. Featuring 6 new jingles, TK Trivia ("Who Is The Cheeseboy?") featuring Oscar Drupaul, unheard parodies of Ray Charles and Billy Joel, a few classics and the mailbag!

  • released : 11/10/2014
    Jerry reflects on the completion of his 200th jingle and plays some classic parodies of radiohead, Cee Lo Green, Foo Fighters, and Billy Joel. New music this week features an Arch Campbell tune by Blair, John Fitzpatrick's latest clip-tacular jingle and some David Bowie by Joe Aro. All that plus an old timey jingle about Encephalitis lethargica by Blair St. Amand and the mailbag!

  • released : 11/03/2014
    8 brand new jingles, a new story about Junior's guest bathroom, a Hampton Nager tune from the 1930s, a segment devoted to Tony's favorite emotion, plus the Mailbag!

  • released : 10/27/2014
    12 or so incredible new parodies by the TK Littles, an Old Timey Jingle from 1932 featuring Brad Weiss, some unheard nonsense parodying Harvey Danger, plus the Mailbag!

  • released : 10/20/2014
    Featuring a bunch of uplifting new material about the impending End Times along with new parodies of The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys, and Simon and Garfunkel. This episode also marks the debut (and demise?) of the new "Old Timey Jingle" segment with a tune from Tony's show circa July 1914. All that plus a collection of unaired Walk Up songs, some dusty gems, and the Mailbag!

  • released : 10/13/2014
    Recapping an exciting and very musical week at TK Jingles with ELEVEN new songs by John Welsh, John Fitzpatrick, Kj Ohnstad, Brad Weiss, and more! Segments include a spotlight on JOHN FITZPATRICK tunes, a collection of unreleased "B-sides," and the mailbag! This episode features brand new parodies of Sam Smith, The Temptations, The Beatles, They Might Be Giants, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Tom Jones, and Chumbawamba.

  • released : 10/06/2014
    Featuring great new jingles including "I Got A Toupee" by John Welsh, "50 Ways to Write a Jingle" by Brad Weiss, "Summer of '69" by John Fitzpatrick, "Fixing A Hole (Nigel's Song)," "Tracks of My Tears" by Joe Aro, and "Penny Lane" by Brad Weiss. Including TK Trivia by Brett Lee, a Patrick Moffett featured segment and a jampacked mailbag including the wonderful "Evil Whales" song!

  • released : 09/29/2014
    A reflection on whether the TK Jingles have "jumped the shark" followed by a slew of great new tunes, TK Trivia ("Who Is Raju?") featuring Claire Natola, and a collection of songs done "The Second Time Around." Featuring brand new parodies of Michael Buble, Broadway, and a popular TV Theme. Featured Littles include John Fitzpatrick, Brad Weiss, Joe Aro, Bill Barto, Steve Maloney, Josh Cromwell, Alex Lau, Mickey, and more!

  • released : 09/22/2014
    Featuring a chat with ESPN 980's Kevin Sheehan, TK Trivia ("What's the deal with Newschannel 8?") featuring Mike in Burke, and a slew of great new jingles. Featured songs include an extended Reggae mailbag and new music from Kj, Joe, Patrick, John. Mix in a mailbag, some Sheehan-inspired tunes, and some dreadful 877 jingles and you have one heck of an episode!

  • released : 09/15/2014
    This week's episode features six new jingles sandwiched between a long rant about the podcast delay and a mailbag of tweets and iTunes Reviews. In the TK Trivia segment, fellow Little Chris Hill answers the age-old question, "Who Is Junior?" This episode features jingles by Brad Weiss, John Fitzpatrick, Hampton Nager, choeface, Curt Murphey, and Joe Aro! There's also a little bonus content sprinkled in a with a new parody of Alanis Morissette, an unaired jingle by Mike in Burke/Michelle Negrelli, and a special tribute to MAD Magazine.

  • released : 09/08/2014
    In the first episode after Tony Kornheiser's triumphant return for the 2014 radio season, Jerry plays some great new jingles including Learn How To Sell and Monty Python. Meanwhile, Josh Cromwell explains the genesis of "Old People's Network (OPN)," Jerry plays a few classic jingles from September 2013 and reads from a wonderful new mailbag. Featuring jingles from John Fitzpatrick, Josh Cromwell, Patrick Moffett, Bill Barto, Brad Weiss, and Joe Aro!

  • released : 09/01/2014
    This episode features ALL TWENTY-SIX jingles Jerry wrote, demoed, and recorded in the Summer of 2013. Collectively, those tunes led directly to the creation of and the non-stop silliness that has ensued in the year or so since. Featuring alternate takes of Yellow and American Pie along with outtakes like "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely," "Silhouettes," and "Theme From New York, New York." This is basically a "Behind the Music" episode so if you're into the jingles and want to know more about the process, this episode's for you!

  • released : 08/25/2014
    The penultimate episode of the TK Jingles Kickstarter Summer Sessions, this episode features brand new parodies of Iggy Azalea, Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, and more. This episode includes another great mailbag along with performances by Michelle Negrelli, Jeff Negrelli, Joe Aro, Brad Weiss, Kj Ohnstad!

  • released : 08/18/2014
    This week, "the Goddess" of the Tony Kornheiser Show, Ms. Courtney *****, joins Jerry for a chat about how she first got connected with Tony's show, her career apart from the one we all know about, and the upcoming NFL season. To keep up with the Joneses, Jerry also tells his very own "Mohr Story," plays some great new jingles and features a selection of CUSTOM jingles that he wrote for a few Littles who backed the Kickstarter. All that, plus the mailbag!

  • released : 08/11/2014
    Headlined by an exclusive (!?) interview with Shad, this episode also features 6 hilarious new TK Jingles by Joe Aro, John Fitzpatrick, Brad Weiss, and Bill Barto. This episode also includes wrap up of 31-in-31 plus brand new parodies of Neil Diamond, Elton John, and Oasis! All that, plus a very e-mail-centric mailbag!

  • released : 08/04/2014
    If you only listen to one TK Jingles Podcast this August 4th, this is the one for you. Jerry presents a highlights show featuring some of the best songs from the past year's Tony Kornheiser Radio Show. Featuring a "Best of the Regulars" segment, a bonus track of "A Day In The Life - Part III," and classic jingles like Money for Nothing and Eat It McManus!

  • released : 07/28/2014
    Jerry welcomes Gary Braun to the virtual studio for a chat about the history of the jingle, Gary's time on the show, and a few questions submitted by the Littles. As if that wasn't enough, we have great new songs by Kj, John Fitzpatrick, Patrick Moffett, Joe Aro, and Brendon Steenbergen along with a recap of 31-in-31, a preview of next week's tunes, some bonus material, and the mailbag!

  • released : 07/21/2014
    Featuring 4 brand new jingles never heard on, including a full-length non-Tony parody (whaaaaat?). Includes a recap of the second week of 31-in-31 with Little Sliced Apples, a new jingle by John Fitzpatrick plus a segment dedicated to some of the one hit wonders from TKJ. All that, plus a mailbag with actual E-MAIL for a change!

  • released : 07/14/2014
    Tony's been off for 2 weeks but the jingles are still going strong! This episode features 5 new tracks, highlights of the first week of 31-in-31, a featured segment of Joe Aro collaborations and a great new mailbag!

  • released : 07/07/2014
    Jerry kicks off the TK Jingles Summer Sessions with a recap of some of the great end of the season tunes like End of the Show and One Show More, plays the very first 31-in-31 song, replays some of his favorite podcast bonus tunes, and debuts some great Rubbish Bin tracks. This episode includes parodies of Johnny Cash, Billy Joel, R.E.M., Vanilla Ice, Green Day and more. Featuring songs from Ace Hagan, Hampton Nager, Jeff Negrelli, Joe Aro, Bill B, Jeremiah Amaku, Patrick Moffett, and Jerry Negrelli!

  • released : 06/30/2014
    Self-congratulatory yacking and 5 great new TK jingles! This week's segments include JINGLE ROULETTE and a preview of 31-IN-31 and NIGEL'S RUBBISH BIN. Includes unheard parodies of Elton John, Neil Diamond, and Billy Joel. All that plus the mailbag! Featuring songs from Joe Aro, John Fitzpatrick, Kj Ohnstad, Brad Weiss, Byron Cotter, Blair St. Amand, festsgrber, and Jerry Negrelli!

  • released : 06/23/2014
    Featuring 4 new TK jingles, 4 non-Website tracks, a few classics, and another sneak peak at 31-in-31 and Nigel's Rubbish Bin! Includes unheard parodies of Coldplay, Jay and the Americans, and David Bowie. All that plus the mailbag! Featuring songs from Brad Weiss, Jeff Negrelli, Kj Ohnstad, Joe Aro, and more!

  • released : 06/16/2014
    Featuring 8 new TK jingles, some infernal racket, plus a sneak peak at 31-in-31 and Nigel's Rubbish Bin! Includes unheard parodies of John Lennon, David Bowie, and John Denver. All that plus the mailbag! Featuring songs from Alex Lau, John Fitzpatrick, Brad Weiss, Joe Aro, Ben V, Bill B, some talented children, Kj Ohnstad, and Jerry Negrelli.

  • released : 06/09/2014
    Featuring 7 new TK jingles, 4 classics tracks, plus a sneak peak at 31-in-31 and Nigel's Rubbish Bin! Includes a brand new parody of Britney Spears (?!). All that plus the mailbag! Featuring songs from Joe Aro, Ben V, Patrick Moffett, John Fitzpatrick, Bill B, Steve Maloney, Brad Weiss, Jeff in Japan, Matt Spada, Michelle Negrelli, Jeff Negrelli, and Jerry Negrelli.

  • released : 06/02/2014
    Featuring 7 new TK jingles, 3 trending tracks, and 3 brand new jingles never heard before including parodies of Hootie and the Blowfish, Coming to America, and Man of La Mancha. This episode includes reflections on Tony's horrible golf story, the ongoing mobile apps saga, and reads from a HUGE mailbag. Featuring songs from Joe Aro, John Fitzpatrick, Kj Ohnstad, Ben V, Bobby in Washington, and Jerry Negrelli.

  • released : 05/26/2014
    Continuing the history of the Tony Kornheiser mailbag jingles for folks new to the show or who just want to take a trip down memory lane. Starting with the American Pie jingle, recounting some of the significant "Firsts," and ending with a collection of some of Jerry's favorites from early on.

  • released : 05/19/2014
    Featuring six fabulous new TK Jingles, 4 classics, and 3 brand new jingles never heard before including parodies of Micheal Buble, Del Shannon, and an EPIC 3:30 parody of "One Day More" from Les Miserables. In addition to all the great new jingles, Jerry discussed the new TK Jingles Music Player mobile apps, reflects on the upcoming TK hiatus, and reads from an overflowing mailbag! This episode includes contributions from Jeff Negrelli, Kj Ohnstad, BV, Peter, Brad Weiss, John Fitzpatrick, Joe Aro, Jenni Sexton, Shad, Qiyu Liu, Patric Moffett and Jerry Negrelli.

  • released : 05/12/2014
    This week's episode follows an aging bald man from Aruba to Jamaica to Chicago and reflects on a dreadful Manziel/Johnny B. Goode parody. It features a few classic songs like 50 Ways To Cook A Chicken and Who Is Junior? along with a demo and an unreleased "theme song" for the TK Show. Still no guests, but great contributions from Brad Weiss, Kj Ohnstad, Jeff Negrelli, Byron Cotter, Joe Aro, John Fitzpatrick, Jeff and Dan in Japan, Jack Wright, Neil in Rockville, and Mark Polydoris! Featuring a great new mailbag theme, extended mailbag segment, and Mother's Day cameo!

  • released : 05/05/2014
    On a special Cinco de Mayo episode, Jerry explores his Mexican ancestry with a live broadcast from Teotihuacan. Or maybe he just plays 4 new tunes from (including "Obenshain"), a few great oldies, and 3 new bonus parodies of R.E.M., the Ronettes, and Weezer. Featuring jingles by Dgaerlan, Hampton Nager, Kj Ohnstad, John Peter, Patrick Moffett, Byron Cotter, Joe Aro, and Jerry Negrelli! All that, plus iTunes reviews, e-mail and tweets in the mailbag!

  • released : 04/28/2014
    This week, Jerry plays 4 brand new unaired jingles, some great new tunes by John Fitzpatrick and Brad Weiss (plus a replay from last week of the Mickey/John Aldridge Song), and spends an inordinate percentage of the show paying homage to Kevin Sheehan. Featured segment includes BONUS SONGS (with unheard parodies of Barry Manilow, Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, and Frank Sinatra). Featuring jingles by Mickey in Washington, John Fitzpatrick, Joe Aro, Brad Weiss, and many, many others! All that, plus e-mail and tweets in the mailbag!

  • released : 04/21/2014
    Jerry plays 6 great new TK Jingles from the past week, 4 brand new unaired jingles, and spends a couple minutes discussing jingle writing. Featured segments include TONY'S RADIO SHOW SCHEDULE and BONUS SONGS (with unheard parodies of Howie Day, Billy Joel, Lindsey Buckingham, and Kenny Rogers and The First Edition). Featuring jingles by Mickey in Washington, John Fitzpatrick, Joe Aro, Jeff H in Japan, Brad Weiss, Kj Ohnstad, and Jerry Negrelli! All that, plus iTunes reviews, tweets and e-mail in the mailbag!

  • released : 04/14/2014
    Jerry plays some great new songs from the past week, 3 brand new unaired jingles, and muses on the vitriol from "Larry Bud." Featured segments include SALES WEASELS and OLD TIMEY JINGLES. Featuring jingles by Brad Weiss, Joe Aro, Jeff Negrelli, John Quinn/Kj Ohnstad, Patrick Moffett, John Cho, and Jerry Negrelli! All that, plus iTunes reviews, tweets and e-mail in the mailbag!

  • released : 04/07/2014
    Jerry plays a few of the great songs from this past week including parodies of Weezer, The Beatles, and The Doors. Jerry shares stories about former Redskin Brian Mitchell, a few of the frequent e-mailers, and Tony's friend Nancy. This episode includes 4 songs never heard on the TK Show or and features performances by The Turkeys, Patrick Moffett, Kj Ohnstad, Brad Weiss, Joe Aro and Jerry Negrelli. All that, plus tweets and e-mail in the mailbag!

  • released : 03/31/2014
    Featuring 3 brand new jingles and demoes including parodies of Billy Joel, Ryan Adams, and Oasis. This week, Jerry plays 5 great jingles including top trending tunes like "Did You Know I Know Magic?" and "Doctorate Degree (Jessie's Girl)." This episode also features several jingles about Tony's supporting cast and personalities from his life. Featuring performances by Paul Westerberg, Brad Weiss, Jason Thurman, Lee Lewis, Slim Stanton, Andy Schoenberger and Jerry Negrelli. All that, plus Baby Ana in the chick chair and the mailbag!

  • released : 03/26/2014
    A brief history of the Tony Kornheiser mailbag jingles for folks new to the show or who just want to take a trip down memory lane. Featuring the original jingles by Gary and Darius, a recap of some of the early mailbag covers, the infamous McCartney Ticket Contest, and some of the early Summer 2013 jingles including the #1 most downloaded jingle, We Didn't Start the Fire (Extended Edition)!

  • released : 03/23/2014
    This week, Jerry plays a selection of great new jingles, plays some classic unaired songs, unearths a few moldy demos, and reads from the iTunes Store review page. Includes never-before-heard parodies of Julian Lennon and Joni Mitchell along with a David Hasselhoff-esque performance of a Jekyll and Hyde song. Featuring performances by Kj Ohnstad, Brad Weiss, Jack Wright, Jeff Negrelli, Joe Aro, John Pereira, John Fitzpatrick, John and Ava, and Jerry Negrelli! Collaborations include parodies written by Byron Cotter!

  • released : 03/16/2014
    This week, Jerry plays a few recent jingles, discusses the collaborations and "Ideas" feature of the Website, and reads from the mailbag. Includes never-before-heard parodies of Remy Zero, Tim McGraw, Adele, and R.E.M. Featuring performances by Joe Aro, Mike Dow, Russell Pletz, Brad Weiss, the Stationary Littleburys, and Brian from San Fransisco! Collaborations include parodies written by smaloney, John Quinn, and Byron Cotter!

  • released : 03/09/2014
    Featuring 3 new songs not yet available on or the Tony Kornheiser Show! This week, Jerry plays highlights from the first week of March 2014, shares some great unaired tunes, discusses his career as a wedding singer, and reflects on some of the jingles he recorded (and was advised not to share) over the summer of 2013. Featuring performances by John Welsh, Kj Ohnstad, Joe Aro, Shad, Slim Stanton, Eric Yates, jbrannelly, and Brad Weiss!

  • released : 03/06/2014
    The very first episode of the TK Jingles Podcast featuring unaired content by John Fitzpatrick, Hampton Nager, Kj Ohnstad, John Welsh, Joe Aro, Brad Weiss, and Jerry Negrelli! This episode also includes new material not yet available at or on the Tony Kornheiser Show!